We like to push the boundaries of timber building design - whether that is exploring new forms of timber-frame kit-houses, or educating people to build their own timber houses (young people, unemployed, ex-military, ex-offender etc).

Timber-frame houses should be available to everyone and within reach of most people to build and own. Self-building is an exciting journey of self-discovery and many of our clients have become serial self-builders or come back to us to design homes for their children, or even set themselves up as timber-framer builders.


R - Affordables

The R-Affordable House brings together contemporary design, socially responsible construction and high-performance building products to deliver a quality affordable house. This house is economical to run and uses sustainable materials in an innovative way. The desire for a spacious,user friendly house, was at the heart of our client’s decision to self-build on this beautiful plot overlooking the Sound of Mull. Photo Credit: Nigel Ridgen


Hemploe View

This stunning clay block and timber frame house in Leicestershire was completed for a previous client.

Alec and Steph Wilson came back to the practice after living in an oak framed house we designed for them 10 years ago, and asked us to design a contemporary, open-plan house for them and their family.


The Gatehouse

A dramatic new contemporary timber-framed house with an exciting oak frame in Northamptonshire.

This design won the 2015 Build It 'Best Oak Frame Home' award.

A fantastic example of the creative collaboration between Architect, Client and Timber Framer.


An exciting new venture from the practice, which offers a selection of classic Roderick James Architects barn-house designs to be prefabricated off-site and erected through one of our trusted timber frame partners.

These can also be erected as a timber-frame ‘shell only’ kit suitable for self-builders to complete.


The SchoolHouse is a vocational project that enabled pupils to build their own sustainable timber house at the Burlington Danes Academy in London. The aim was for students who had some aptitude for practical work to be able to actually construct a small, comfortable, highly insulated house within the school grounds, leading to possible apprenticeships with the sponsoring building companies or material suppliers upon completion.



We were invited to design and build a garden exhibit at the Westonbirt Arboretum Garden Festival in 2002 and the Treedial was born. Featuring a ninety feet tall central pine mast with a series of lower timber spars suspended from stainless steel rigging. An elliptical earth mound surrounded the timber structure and enclosed an area for children to ‘plant’ lollipop sticks into the ground to record the location of the central spar’s shadow.

westonbirtaug2002 014.jpg
Garden Community.jpg

Chelsea Flower Show

We worked collaboratively with the Eden Project and their head garden designer, Paul Stone, on their 2010 Chelsea Flower Show ‘Places for Change’ garden.

Timber poles (or ‘sentinels’) were arranged around an organic garden design.